Parboiled Rice Quick

Riso Fino ribe Quick – does not overcook

The rice is ideal for quick and tasty dishes, cooks in just 5 minutes in boiling water and never overcooks thanks to the process of parboiling absolutely natural, excellent boiled and seasoned to taste, in soups and salads of sea and seasonal vegetables.

12 x Pack 350g12 x Pack 350gBox with 12 packs 350g12 x Pack 700g12 x Pack 700gBox with 12packs 700g24 x Pack 350g24 x Pack 350gBox with 24 packs 350g6 x Pack 350g6 x Pack 350gBox with 6 packs 340g6 x Pack 700g6 x Pack 700gBox with 6 packs 700g