Parboiled Roma Rice

Superfino Rice Roma – does not overcook

One of the best Italian Superfini which, thanks to the parboiling process, absolutely natural, never overcooks and presents itself with big and good-looking grains in all the recipes, recommended especially in refined risottos, salads and paella preparation.

12 x Pack 1Kg12 x Pack 1KgBox with 12 packs 1Kg12 x Pack 500g12 x Pack 500gBox with 12 packs 500g24 x Pack 500g24 x Pack 500gBox with 24 packs 500g6 x Pack 1Kg6 x Pack 1KgBox with 6 packs 1Kg6 x Pack 500g6 x Pack 500gBox with 6 packs 500g